Leanna & Trixi

Leanna Moonbody is a young, fiery redhead playing guitar for coins in the city of Kingsfield. She spends most of her money on the latest fashion, and the rest she hides away, dreaming of taking a trip to Saul, the decadent city of artisans, and playing the Saul Amphitheater to a crowd of thousands.

Trixi is a blonde priestess of “Our Lord”, although no one can be certain what god she’s referring to. She can keep pace with a dwarf in a bar, enjoys a good wager, and has quite a low opinion of halflings. When destiny calls upon her to raise a massive flock and lead them to the fabled Magic City, she finds the best person for gathering crowds – Leanna Moonbody.

Together, they’re either unstoppable or a force of nature. Not like a rainbow, more like a tornado.


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